⛓️Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct forms an integral part of our manifesto. It highlights the responsibilities, decision-making processes, communication norms, ethical standards, and accountability measures expected from each council member. To maintain transparency, integrity, and professionalism within the council, adherence to these guidelines is essential.

From membership criteria to conflict resolution, we have clear standards and procedures in place. Membership is open to those with a genuine interest in blockchain technology and quality products, while decisions are made democratically, with all members having an equal voice.

Communication is expected to be professional and effective, and transparency is highly valued. High ethical standards are upheld, and members are held accountable for their actions. The council also has a fair and impartial procedure for addressing violations of the code of conduct.

In summary, this manifesto is not just a document, but our shared commitment to creating a world where true ownership of wealth is accessible to all. As you navigate the world of Ordinals with us, we hope you find this guide enlightening and helpful. We look forward to fostering a community of innovation and inclusivity with you.

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